Sain in Pain System Workbook

The Sane in Pain System Workbook is a set of simple steps which allow you to manage your pain better and guide you through designing your own personalized plan, allow you to do what you know works, and track your results. It’s not what you know. It’s what you do. Get your copy here

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Ann Thompson

"Sane in Pain offers consolation and  inspiration for anyone dealing with what may seem to be overwhelming challenges. Jones' experience-based, practical advice is both grounding and uplifting. These pain management principles are applicable to any kind of intense or chronic stress. Personally, I've found the "wholesome moment" practice to be especially helpful.  This small but powerful discipline has helped me remember that it is always possible to find serenity,

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On Mental Stability

Lately, James Pennebaker's Writing to Heal really helped me through recovery from a major surgery. Timothy Wilson in Redirect: Changing the Stories We Live By talks about how well this form of expressive writing as therapy has been studied. Turns out, it works to simply write about what's bugging you in a completely honest, focused fashion for 20

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Wholesome Moment

First step in your pain management plan Look for one OK or positive aspect of your situation to focus on.  This will distract you from the painful ones that are getting all the attention.  Keep this simple.  I call them “wholesome moments.”  You are simply looking for something that strikes you as beautiful or

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21 Breaths

21 Breaths to Peace Make a note of the time and how much pain, on a scale of 1 to 10, you are feeling.  If you prefer to listen to an audio guide, click play below. Now, to steal a page from Lama Surya Das, let’s find our comfortable

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