Vogue ran an article in the January 2018 issue that talked about how all our self-help resolutions have been added to the long daily list of how to be good, and that this is not entirely a stress-free approach. I couldn’t agree more! Turning your recovery and pain management progress into another goal that must be met for you to feel OK is counter to the relaxation and acceptance that is the basic skill for staying sane in pain. It is also what life requires of us, no matter what our experiences or screaming nerves are telling us. Pena Chodron presents this practice in her latest little book, Living Beautifully: breathe in what is happening, flash on how it makes you feel in the moment in your body, feelings, and mind. Breathe out and let go and in the gap before the next inhale, open your mind to what is next.

I am so thrilled to let you know that Sane in Pain Part 1: Mind Does Matter Workbook is available in paper or digital, fillable pdf for download here.

I use Sane in Pain’s processes over and over when life challenges me and I need help managing my pain.  Our designer, Sherry Hern recommends that you save several copies with different names when you download the digital version. That way, when you type in text you can save those copies with a differentname.pdf and pull it up on any Apple or Android device that can read pdfs. I recommend doing this and just changing the date in the title, so you can go back and track progress or review notes. Or you can print the blanks to make a paper copy of your own.

If you don’t mind sending me your starting 48-hour average pain level before you open the file or paper workbook, and then email me your average 48-hour pain level after you complete Part 1, you’ll contribute to my study of efficacy and qualify for a discount on Part 2, coming soon. Just email me at josephine@saneinpain.com and I’ll keep track and share back the data.

I hope this finds you well!