Butter bean, acorn squash & artichoke pesto with field greens in garlic vinaigrette

Back on The Ranch, this communal capitalist real estate investment next to what is now a large wanna-be molybdenum mine that will remove an entire mountain of Idaho paradise that I was part of in the seventies, occasionally people did not bring the groceries they had promised.  This posed problems for the pantry, which

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Use Your Words

"Life always changes" --Gorbachev, Vogue April 2013   You have to use your words often. There’s a reason “Expressing needs and feelings” is a major milestone in toddler development.  Communication is vital to getting needs fulfilled. And having our basic needs met does tend to calm us down. Not

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Narrative Medicine

I'm now offering workshops for nurses, physician's assistants and other healthcare professionals to support this new movement in medicine to use the patient's story to help with healing.  From NY Times on March 16, 2013 by Danielle Ofri, M.D.: What are you doing creatively these days? It’s not a question you hear commonly, and

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A maid by any other name

My physical therapist didn’t sympathize much when I told him vacuuming seemed to trigger incapacitating pain.  Just said to hire a maid.  But it took Makers: Women Who Make America, a documentary on PBS, saying that one way to know how successful the women’s movement in the 1970s was to look at who does

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Love Your Pain

So the research is in--not that we didn't know it already.  When we feel love, we feel happier.  Dr. Barbara Fredrickson reports that you don't have to be in a romantic relationship with one person to feel love. You can feel it for the barista making your coffee, whether you know her or not,

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Some New Data

I had trouble getting up on Friday, slow to get going, quick to rage--all the signs of unmanaged pain.  I called in to work to say I’d be late. “Seems like I woke as somebody else.  And she’s not nice. I’ll be there when I figure out how to leave the house, but you’re

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