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The two tools Wholesome Moment and 21 Breaths, are a great free place to start.

Sane In Pain Part 1: Mind Does Matter is also available now as a short workbook (and soon as a downloadable pdf and in other formats) to help you realistically assess your pain and ability levels and gradually do what hurts you less and what eases pain more.  My story, insights and recommendations are offered in a sympathetic voice of experience, followed by guided meditations, exercises and writing prompts designed to raise your understanding of limits and widen your eyes to opportunities that may have gone unrecognized and created more suffering than necessary.

By following clear steps, you can build, piece by piece, a system of habitual action and support that maximizes your personal control and responsibility.  I know that recovery is often beyond any individual’s ability.  I share physical ways to deal with the physical aspects of chronic pain, but the primary focus is on the deeper and still-untold story of what we sufferers contribute psychologically to our chronic conditions.  Although not the only cause of pain, each person’s beliefs and responses to physical pain paradoxically hold the key for escape from many physical restrictions imposed by the pain.  Written by one who has lived with pain for 29 years and regained a rich and full life, SANE IN PAIN helps readers bridge the gap between what they know will help them and what they actually do.



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