“… hundreds of studies have shown that nothing holds more power over the body than the mind.”
– Deepak Chopra

When I find that none of my physical interventions are making much difference in my baseline pain, I do two things: step up the level of physical intervention (get a massage, an MRI, whatever’s next on the list for treatment change) and dedicate my time off to quantum healing, the quiet time it takes to expand the mind.  I do this by lying down outside, preferably with a beautiful blue sky in view, and focusing on my open heart and mind.  I find that this shifts my identity from the pain to the space, light, and sky-wide possibility.  For as long as I can maintain the position, I’m pain-free.  Of course I have to get up and do something and that puts me back in the body that hurts so much, but it’s a little lighter and I can find my way to deeper rest a little faster.  What do you do that shifts your consciousness quantumly?