The strength training stage of recovery is the trickiest.  A couple of days after starting physical therapy, two months out from fusion, I definitely overdid it driving down from Steamboat in the snow, I-70 closed, then opened, and came on in to Denver rather than get stuck in Dillon, too important, too much to do the next day to miss, and possibly also, when I did get home not having the theraband wrapped around a pole for the shoulder-high PT pulls, trying to do it freehand, who knows what combination exactly caused this unmanageable level of pain, but now I’m forced to rest, physical therapy beyond me for a day or two. I persevere in stillness and by the end of the day, back on the trail to recovery. Fortunately this morning Integral Enlightenment’s Craig Hamilton talked about there being a phone and a little singing bowl and a pencil and paper on that infinite coffee table of reality, and how his practice is to not pick those up, those things being thoughts in the mind, for Craig, but for me ordered to the patio with a magazine, the practice to not rake, not clean, not clear the frostbitten garden extends throughout the sunny day, the practice of being.