Coming out of these procedures is like swimming to the surface of the drugs/pain and then gaspng for air when I break through. Thanks to all for your love, prayers and chicken soup!

Our family had two medical procedures this week, my elder daughter’s on Monday and mine on Tuesday. Fortunately, Sara, the younger daughter and her el jefe husband Jesse are here to save the day with fabulous healing foods and nonstop care.

It took two team meetings to work out the win win win win win win win win win win but we found it I think. My older daughter Reenie’s husband rigged up a way to circulate ice water beneath her on a new, comfy bed. She had twice as much done as I did, upper and lower body radiofrequency (burning the nerve under X-ray, I think lasers are involved), and wanted her man by her side for day 1. I hear she’s down at the shop.

I’m still taking it easy. (+ naps!), playing Candyland on the patio, where grandson and I have the most fun going to the candy party together. No one winning, if that means someone’s losing.